Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Soulmates Scorpio and Taurus

I got questions like; are Taurus and Scorpio soul mates? I must point out that Scorpio and Taurus natives naturally shares deep feelings and attitudes and can actually be considered as soul mates in most circumstances.

In a romantic sense, the physical ties will be strong and the pair usually has much in common. Actually, these Signs are opposite on the Zodiac Wheel which does lend a rather special and complex connection between the two and they can, on occasion, combine to make a whole with each partner's strengths balancing the other's weaknesses.

Looking at it this way, Taurus and Scorpio are by nature possessive and jealous, but this could bring them closer together as each will understand the feelings of insecurity that the other is experiencing. Both partners share the basic need for a secure and stable background.

However, these shared attitudes and traits may be all that can make Scorpio and Taurus Soul mates’ issue a workable proposition.

Both Taurus and Scorpio are prone to be extremely stubborn Signs, to say nothing of being opinionated and set in their ways. This can reflect back on the relationship and make even minor issues a cause for all out war...with the more serious conflicts becoming virtually intolerable.

Fortunately, Taurus and Scorpio are Signs that will usually be exceedingly loyal to each other. However, where Taurus is open with everything laid bare on the surface, Scorpio is more secretive and inscrutable.

Each can teach the other about their opposite views of life (i.e., direct versus complex) and another factor which adds a tantalizing dimension to Scorpio Taurus soulmates issue is the shared tendency toward jealousy. The Taurus partner will just adore Scorpio's jealous displays since it means that he or she is adored and appreciated.

The big question is; are Scorpion and Taurus actually soulmates? My candid answer is; this is a powerful connection that can shine when obstacles to intimacy are cleared away. Once the Scorpio partner realizes that Taurus is committed and unlikely to create the misery that some natives of Scorpio seem to attract to their lives, this union could blossom and flourish.

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