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A Close Look AT Taurus Man Compatibility

Adjudging Taurus man compatibility, longevity of any union will require a thorough understanding of his character. This is a virtually immovable man, especially if there is a sense of being forced into something.

Knowledge of his ways and encouragement to slowly but surely accept any changes will assure a relationship of moving forward and remaining vibrant.

Here are helpful hints on Taurus male compatibility with other Zodiac Signs:

  • He will rarely go wrong if he chooses a Virgo mate.

  • With Aquarius, the zodiac compatibility between these two signs could leave a lot to be desired.

  • He is either a very good or a very stressful match with Pisces.

  • Their could be something of a battle of wills with Aries mate, since both are very strong characters whose wills are exerted in very different ways.

  • Combination with fellow Taurus is sure to create at least a few problems, particularly if there happens to be conflict of interests.

  • Gemini may prove somewhat unsettling to any peace-loving Taurus male.

Let’s look at Taurus male compatibility with other Zodiac signs in detail:

Taurus man compatibility with Aries

Basically, this union is all about balance, or the lack thereof. Natives of Aries tend to go too fast...natives of Taurus tend to be somewhat slow. Therefore, with some effort from both sides, this combination should be able to find a common ground. Since the Taurus male refuses to be rushed and is inherently stubborn, such behavior may leave the Aries partner fuming, screaming and engaged in shouting, all of which will be totally ignored by the Taurus male. Nevertheless, the Aries partner will provide much enthusiasm and energy to the Taurus male.

Taurus man compatibility with Cancer

Being a dreamer by nature, Cancer partner is sure to place Taurus male on a pedestal and always expect nothing less than perfection. Consequently, when the flaws begin to show, Cancer will become disappointed and retreat into her infamous shell. Since Taurus is not the most tactful of Zodiac Signs, he will clumsily attempt to coax Cancer's emergence, resulting in the Cancer partner retreating even further. Cancer needs and demands...usually in a pouting manner...a plethora of sympathy and Taurus male do possess a nurturing instinct for providing that. Thus, this pair may get along better than might be expected.

Taurus man compatibility with Virgo

Virgo and Taurus are two of the hardest workers to be found in the Zodiac. Action which is careful, methodical and constant is important to Virgo and, being of a similar nature, any Taurus male will both respect and admire his busy Virgo partner. Since both are governed by the element of earth, there should be an abundance of domestic harmony. They will spend countless hours in carefully worded banter, rarely ruffling the other's proverbial feathers. Taurus male and his Virgo partner will quickly find they can be an island of two, sharing endless games of Scrabble, walks on the beach and just spending time with each other.

Taurus man compatibility with Pisces

Basically, the Pisces native does not find it easy to make decisions. In order to achieve longevity in this union, the Taurus partner must accept these shortcomings. On a more positive note, the psychic ability of the Pisces partner will enable her to keep on top of the feelings of Taurus male and thus, will act and react with him to ensure happiness. In a romantically physical sense, the Pisces partner will be very sensitive to all the nuances of the desires associated with Taurus male and will try very hard to keep the Taurus partner happy. This could be a good working match, provided Taurus male is not looking for...or expecting...a partner who possesses a great deal of strength.

Taurus man compatibility with Aquarius
This relationship is probably best described as: a freedom-loving and eccentric woman matched with a practical and routine-oriented man. Taurus male will probably view the Aquarius partner as being unconventional in most ways, which can cause this man embarrassment in a multitude of situations. However, Aquarius individuals are, by and large, unique characters...something the Taurus male is likely to find difficult to accept. Since both Signs possess strong personalities, there is probably no way of avoiding an eventual confrontation between Taurus male and Aquarius partner.

Taurus man compatibility with Gemini

The flirty and flighty Gemini partner in this relationship, coupled with the accompanying hectic social schedule, may prove somewhat unsettling to any peace-loving Taurus male. He craves comfort and security with few interruptions. However, any home run by a Gemini is sure to be filled with callers and weekend guests. Nonetheless, beneath her stubborn exterior, Taurus male does find enjoyment in the company of others and takes great pleasure in the fine food and extravagant gifts often associated with the "social whirl" of her Gemini partner. The physical aspect of this union will gradually be affected by the moods of Gemini, which are exceedingly changeable. Gemini natives can be playful and mischievous one minute, quickly becoming basic and animalistic the next. The typical reaction of Taurus male to such behavior may well be the seeking of a new partner.

Taurus man compatibility with Leo

Taurus male and Leo are capable of making a good living. Problems may arise if Taurus male believes Leo should do something to cultivate emotional compatibility...or if the Leo partner shows a lack of concern for the feelings and/or emotional needs of Taurus male. If this attitude is carried over into the romantic arena, then the Leo partner will probably meet with a very cold shoulder, causing much distress to the fiery and amorous Leo native. In order to achieve even a modicum of peace and harmony, each partner in this relationship must strive to keep the physical activity between them alive and well.

Taurus man compatibility with Libra

In this combination, both partners share the ruling planet of Venus. Thus, both are blessed with an appreciation of beauty and the powers of attraction. However, it will be necessary for the Libra partner to realize that Taurus male wants to attract possessions...beautiful items that he can value and cherish. Problems can arise in this relationship due to the Libra personality of being open to new ideas and the willingness to give and please others. Such an individual may become easily annoyed with someone who is very slow to change and often quite fixed in his opinions.

Taurus man compatibility with Scorpio

Both Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs. The Scorpio partner likes a controlled environment and has set ways of doing things. Thus, the Scorpio partner in this relationship will be far from pleased when the equally self-willed Taurus male who refuses to do anything in a manner other than his own. These two signs are opposite each other in the Zodiac and truly have very little in common. The Scorpio partner will provide a home in which the Taurus male feels very safe...primarily because he values an unchanging way of life. Nonetheless, since both Scorpio and Taurus are by nature prepared to be sensitive to each other; this is often an area where the bond between Taurus male and Scorpio female can develop.

Taurus man compatibility with Sagittarius

In this relationship, the adventure-loving Sagittarius partner will attempt to introduce new ideas and experiences to her security-loving Taurus male. Not only does this man hate change, he is also slow to accept anything different into his life. This can be very frustrating to the Sagittarius partner who hates the routine life that her partner adheres to so persistently. Both have a lot to learn from each other in this relationship...if they can accept that each views life very differently. Taurus male can provide stability for an otherwise restless Sagittarius partner. In return, the Sagittarius partner can teach him to perceive life as more of an adventure.

Taurus man compatibility with Capricorn

Taurus male and Capricorn female combination will be a compatible one. Both being governed by the element of earth will be practical, sensible and share a love of material security. The Capricorn partner will set boundaries with which the Taurus male is happy to makes him feel more secure. In addition, the Capricorn partner is one upon whom the Taurus male knows he can depend on. Life could run smoothly for this couple, but conflict is likely to arise when Taurus male does something terribly extravagant that will disturb the cautious and wary nature of Capricorn.

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