Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Details of Planets in Taurus

Here are distinct qualities of different planets in Taurus individuals:

Sun in Taurus
This Sun sign grows roots and is oriented toward stability. Has more vitality when productively building up resources, and living a life of sensory pleasures. Thrives when a steady rhythm is found that leads to the creation of what’s valued. Sticks to a groove in order to become established in life and enjoy a sense of lasting abundance.

Moon in Taurus
Has an instinct toward stability, and is comforted by a productive daily rhythm. Can be possessive, stubborn, and resistant to unsettling changes. Draws soul-level nourishment from being a part of nature’s seasons. Memories come back through the senses, which is also the path to deep sharing with others.

Mercury in Taurus
The mind seeks to channel what’s taken in, toward the practical, real world-based and commonsensical. Impressions are more about the physical plane, and what’s experienced through the senses. Can get stuck in rigid thought patterns, and miss subtle nuances of language. There’s a slow and deliberate speaking style, and resonant voice.

Venus in Taurus
Enjoys sharing earthly pleasures with friends, and is drawn to those that also bond through experiences of touch, sound, sight and taste. Seeks friendships of substance and loyalty, based on mutual support for life’s practical challenges. They bring discipline and a deeply-anchored sense of Self to creativity, and enjoy collaborating in physical mediums like theatre, music and movie making.

Mars in Taurus
There’s a drive to shore up personal resources, and amass a wealth of financial, emotional and creative abundance. Has a solid physical presence, and can be graced with coordination and dexterity. Like a Bull, this Mars can look harmless until aroused with anger. Revels in being a human animal, giving them a natural, sensual way in the bedroom.

Jupiter in Taurus
Pathways of luck open when a rhythm is found that allows for consistent, steady effort. Can find inspiration in the slow, enduring cycles of the natural world. Has a knack for creating a personal empire, and reveling in luxury and pleasure.

Saturn in Taurus
Feels secure when steadily, and with disciplined effort, builds up a stockpile of worldly things. Saturn here amplifies the Taurean caution, causing slow progress that at times grows sludgy and inert. Seeks to create enduring structures at work, economically and creativity that are aligned with true values.

Generational Planets
Uranus: Can lead to original blueprints for how to build up structures, leading to progressive or futuristic inventions in architecture, city-planning, agriculture, etc. There can be genius innovations made with how money is handled.

Pluto and Neptune: These two slow-moving planets have not been in Taurus since the 19th-century. They will not be in Taurus until the middle of the 21st Century.

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