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Here Are Negative side Of Taurus You Have To Watch Out

Despite the peaceful gentility given to Taurus profile, many aspects of Taurus nature are notable to be fierce, ambitious and violent. And…. in keeping to my promise to provide all you need to know about Taurus, I will now present to you the negative side of Taurus.

First, you should note that negative side of Taurus is more pronounced in face of crises. This sign is not psychologically equipped to deal with conflict and suffering, which reveal it’s more neurotic, sometimes brutal side. It does not take well to threats, to disrespect or to rigid or overly burdensome demands, and can be quite resentful in the face of these.

Negative side of Taurus is also revealed in face of opposition. It is likely to arouse the Taurus native to unreasonable fury, during which friendships and promises may easily be thrown to the wind. Potential enemies should take caution...once the Taurus ire has been roused, then this Sign can be unforgiving and extremely bitter.

To help you understand it better, let’s examine the negative side of Taurus man, woman and children:

Negative side of Taurus man

On occasion, the Taurus male has been described as being rather immoral. Jealousy can be a severe problem for this man. He evaluates everything by the principle "I have". This can include his romantic partner. He may feel exiled from the partner he desires because he was too possessive and she ran.

When his plans are disrupted, he does not find it easy to change course. Only after great deliberation, much of it silent and internal, does he finally decide to tweak his plans.

Due to the love of this man to live the "good life," he possesses a spendthrift nature which needs to be watched and carefully controlled. Some men born under this sign also appear to live in a state of constant worry regarding their ability to make money and pay their monthly bills which prevents them from focusing on the bigger picture of creating long-term fiscal integrity.

Negative side of Taurus woman

There are certain to be ups and downs with a female governed by this Sign. Although she is capable of loving in a whole-hearted fashion, she can, if provoked, be very contrary and resentful. This is a female who appears to be calm, reserved and everybody's friend, but beneath that sedate composure resides a great deal of jealousy along with the desire to possess the rich things life has to offer.

She is not always very wise in the philosophic area.

Venus, the planet of beauty and love, gives them a fascinating and charming personality. Because of this, these graceful women attract men easily. They are lavish in affections and have a warm-hearted, magnetic personality. This can lead to affairs of the heart. Their kind, sympathetic nature makes them very susceptible, and they should guard against insincere flattery from men that can lead them astray.

Negative side of Taurus children

Perhaps the most obvious potential problem for children governed by this Sign is selfishness (which usually goes hand-in-hand with possessiveness). In addition, this characteristic is frequently accompanied by obsessive behavior and jealousy...particularly when a parent pays attention to anyone else. This may result in the occasional show of vindictiveness which seems to materialize out of nowhere. Younger siblings often bear the brunt of such behavior and it is important that an older Taurus child be given an equal amount of attention as that paid to any younger brothers or sisters, especially newborns.

The Taurus personality is a fixed one and this child may not find it easy to mix freely with his or her peers. All too often, the little Taurus is perfectly content with solitude, thoroughly enjoying his or her own company. The unwillingness to share with others also creates an additional problem in this area for the young Taurus. Thus, he or she needs to be encouraged to make friends and engage in mutual play.

It should be noted that there is a danger...particularly among the boys who fall under the jurisdiction of be combative with playmates. Once entering into a fight, the Taurus child seldom knows when to stop. There may also be a distinct lack of moral courage with the little Taurus. If questioned too closely, he or she is apt to seek refuge in prevarication in order to escape punishment for any wrongdoing and the best course of action for any caregiver under such circumstances would be to lead through kindness, rather than the employment of force and rigid discipline.

Please Note

Although most Taurus natives are aware of some negative side inherent within their natural melancholy, basic constructive drives within this sign usually make them go with the greater good. Even in the case a Taurus person does go down a wrong path, it will be more systematically conductive than just spite, and should be rewarding aplenty. That said, naturally they are actually more inclined to fall into depression than act in a negative fashion, unless the chart is energized and focused.

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