Monday, November 9, 2015

Pisces Man Taurus Woman

In general, Pisces man Taurus woman love union is a rather happy union. Being two positions apart in the Zodiac Wheel, these Signs have karmic ties and a deep-rooted empathy for one another. Although Pisces man is idealistic, dreamy and impressionistic while Taurus woman is more down-to-earth and practical, this pair is both nurturers who prize harmony and stability in a relationship.

Here, each has much to offer the other. Taurus woman is capable of providing the grounded approach that the Pisces partner needs in order to put all of his dreams into action. In return, Pisces man can offer the kindness, gentleness and sweet sympathy that Taurus woman so loves in a mate.

However, there will be times when the Taurus woman cannot understand the seemingly simplistic view of life taken by the Pisces partner...but truth be told, Pisces man is not really so simple at all. Pisces man is truly deep.

Here are other notable features of Pisces man Taurus woman love relationships:

  • While the Taurus partner will try to suggest approaching a given problem in a practical manner, Pisces man will express some outlandish method...which often works out better than the suggestion of Taurus woman and better than even the Taurus partner would have believed possible.
  • Taurus women like to have the people they know look up to them, but Pisces men embrace no such ideas. In short, men governed by Pisces are indifferent to anyone's opinion, other than their own...still, there will be occasions when the Taurus woman will find that Pisces man is actually dependent on her.
  • In a romantically physical sense, the Pisces man will be very sensitive to all the nuances of the desires associated with Taurus woman and will try very hard to keep the Taurus partner happy. However, if any failure on the part of Pisces man to do this brings about the criticism of Taurus woman, then Pisces man will soon be looking for a new mate. This could be a good working match, provided the Taurus woman is not looking for...or expecting...a partner who possesses a great deal of strength.

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