Monday, November 9, 2015

Taurus Man Aquarius Woman

Taurus man Aquarius woman pairing may have trouble understanding each other. Where Taurus man wonders how something will aid in the achievement of personal goals, Aquarius woman wonders what else there might be. Aquarius woman focuses on intellectual connections and pursuits, whereas Taurus man has more practical and sensual interests. If the Taurus partner clings too closely, or if Aquarius woman becomes too cold and aloof, disputes are sure to erupt.

Still, if this couple can operate from a base of mutual love and respect, understanding between the two can eventually be achieved.

Here are positive and negative aspects of Taurus man Aquarius woman love pairing

Positive Aspects of Taurus Man Aquarius Woman Love Relationships

  • Taurus man can show Aquarius woman that life is based upon emotions and may be vastly improved courtesy of beauty and comfort. Aquarius woman can instruct Taurus man on how to keep striving for betterment...and how to move away from something if it fails to work satisfactorily. This is an important lesson for Taurus man to learn.
  • Both partners possess very powerful personalities, so neither is likely to dominate the matter how hard each may try. This can be a truly exciting and satisfying union if the pair can manage to work out how it will work between them.
  • Both partners will be stubborn and once minds are made up, there will be little changing of a viewpoint or opinion. This steadfast trait cannot help but extend into their personal life. If they become committed to each other, there is virtually nothing that will make them decide to abandon the relationship.

Negative Aspects of Taurus Man Aquarius Woman Love Relationships

  • Taurus man Aquarius woman combination will definitely be a difficult one to maintain for any length of time. By nature, Aquarius woman is exceedingly unpredictable, which may prove too much for even the most easy-going Taurus partner. In addition, the conservative habits of the Taurus man will soon grate on the nerves of the dynamic Aquarius partner, resulting in tempers beginning to show. Both love ease and comfort, but their views on how to obtain them are extremely different.
  • Natives of Aquarius place a low emphasis on the physically romantic side of a relationship. Indeed, it is far down on the list of this Sign's necessities and such an attitude could cause the Taurus partner some major upsets since Taurus man is unable to accept sharing the problems of the world during intimate moments. Thus, in the eyes of the Aquarius partner, Taurus man could be perceived as eventually becoming overly demanding.

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