Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Facts about Taurus and Jealousy

I guess you may asked, what brought about jealousy factor associated to this Sign? The answer to this is not far fetched. Here are the basic factors to consider:

Taurus and jealousy factor associated to it is more pronounced in love and relationships. One clear fact is, Taurus natives possess an in-born to express personal feeling (which they rarely do) and constantly strive to convey their emotions and love to the people they love and cared for….which is commonly termed Jealousy.

More often, the inherent possessiveness associated with this Sign undoubtedly cause them to put their loved ones through unpleasant time by close questioning regarding their whereabouts and activities……mainly caused by jealousy.

Though, there is a kind of possessiveness that may be considered jealousy by some. But, there is actually quite a difference between being possessive and being jealous.

Let’s look at it this way. The possessiveness associated with Taurus shows up in all areas of their life. Taurus likes to own things (and sometimes people). A nice home, a piece of land (this can be modest), a paid-off car, a couple pets, maybe a solid business.

As a rule, both sexes manifest this jealous trait in their disposition. Their jealousy often drives them into acts of violence or sudden exhibition of temper….which they bitterly regret when the storm is over. It is important for you to give the Taurus natives no cause to doubt the intention behind personal flirtations with others.



  1. why do they ask whos at my apt every time he calls

  2. He just wants to see what you are going to say. It feels great to him when you animately deny it and continue to tell him the reasons you would never cheat on him. It just reaffirms to him how much you care. We Taurus people are not very needy, but we do need to feel appreciated by our mate because we give our all to a relationship.

  3. And when they ask who's called you?

  4. Goldengoodness is right. I'm currently, sorrrrt of, with a Taurus, and I'm a Gemini. (I say sort of because it's extremely difficult for me to settle down, but he seems to understand i genuinely care for him so he does offer that stability we Gems crave for) Anywho, i have Mercury and Mars in Taurus so i tend to verbally show affection as much as possible, especially with my Venus in Gemini. My Taurus doesn't seem to show jealousy at all..he trusts me completely but then again, i tell him he's my number one every single day. All the time. Taurus is just misunderstood. I believe if you let them know how much you love them ALL the time EVERY day, he will not be jealous and won't question you as much and also allow you a bit f freedom. Which as a Gemini, i greatly appreciate!

  5. This is off topic but I need help! This Taurus man Ie had my eye set on (im a capricorn woman) doesnt know who i am but just that i like him. we´ve never talked, but theres just something about him. anyway, he called me a fatass with one of his friends(i overheard), do taurus do that when they like you... and if he did like me back, today i was walking with a guy friend during passing and i saw him, then looked back and he was gone, not a crowded school, why did he disappear likethat? plz help


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