Saturday, June 4, 2011

All about Libra female Taurus male Relationship

Taurus male and Libra female are thought of as being karmic ally linked. Natives of both these Signs love to woo and be wooed. Thus, courtship will be a necessary component of any romantic union and since both have this need, they fit well together:

• Libra female will appreciate the luxuries that sensual Taurus male provides.

• Taurus male is sure to appreciate Libra female's charm and if stubborn Taurus fails to get his way, then the Libra partner will be able to smooth things over and keep the peace.

• Both are looking for security in a relationship.

• They do share a love of art, poetry and culture.

Furthermore, Libra female can help Taurus male to see different sides of a given situation and the Taurus man will be able to assist Libra woman in overcoming the notorious indecision associated with this Zodiac Sign.

However, sooner or later, this will undermine their physical relationship. Basically, this is a match not usually recommended for success in terms of longevity.

Both will work to develop a higher mind and embrace all aspects of the art world…..this alone should provide an excellent foundation to the relationship.

Now, let’s look at various aspects of Libra female Taurus male relationships:

Physical attraction

Physical attraction will be strong in this strong that the pair can probably escape from some of the personality problems in the romantic arena. Both partners appreciate fine dining, the theater, music and collecting art. Pleasure...physical and a premium for Taurus male and Libra female alike.


Here, there is a mutual love of pleasure, beauty and culture. Aesthetics will be integral to both partners and their similar tastes can make for a union of great romance and harmony. Both love to woo and be wooed. Taurus male is sure to appreciate Libra female's charm, and Libra female will appreciate the luxuries this sensual man provides.


Conflicts can arise here if Taurus male seems too possessive or if Libra partner appears overly flirtatious and social. On occasion, neither will quite understand where the other is coming from.

Basically, Taurus male get through life courtesy of reliance upon innate practicality, while Libra female relies upon intellectual expression. Taurus male is constantly asking how things will help him achieve personal goals, whereas Libra female focuses on intellectual stimuli...whether it be practical or not.

Working propositions

With some gentle persuasion, anything may be possible and there is no individual in the Zodiac who is more gifted at gentle, subtle persuasion than a native of Libra.

The truth is; Libra female Taurus male union is a partnership that may begin slowly since, on the surface, they might have few common interests. Still, once they come to understand each other, they may learn they have much more in common than was initially apparent. Generally, it will be Libra female who initiates this relationship and Taurus male who will keep it going.


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  2. Warn you librans, things are not that beautiful as it seems, taurus an extremely selfish and notoriously stubborn ass**** will blow your mind eventually, be careful

  3. I agree from oct 2012 to may 20 2013 things were fine until I asked one question about if he was seein anyone else besides me and he made a smart remark tellin me he is not in to convincin anyone and if I feel like that maybe we didn't need to talk anymore and since then we don't go to breakfast have sex or I don't even get text all night anymore.... and I was told if I stopped textin him even though if he doesn't text me cause he's mad I better still text.... I did it cause I love him but after a week of that I give up I'm not that kind of libra we don't chase we will be hurt by the outcome but we will eventually move on.. real talk... I wish we could get pass this text an move on but he is a asshole foreal..smdh

    1. Taurus men ate very stubborn if you ask them 10 questions they will probably answer about 6 of them..they feel as if qe should know certain things through action my Taurus man is pretty easy to read I don't think you should've let that one go Im w Libra as well and not for chasing either but they love a persistent woman,keep that in mind

  4. If the Taurus is decided to be in love with the female Libra, he'll never give up.

  5. im in a relationship with a taurus male and im a libra and its one of the best things i could've done, he is a bit protective but im not as flirty as they say libras are so we get along well

  6. I am a libra who is falling for my Taurus. He's unbelievably attractive and the sex is mind blowing n sensual. He's passionate n affectionate in my presence but doesn't seem like he likes it in public. Were not a couple. Were friends with benefits lol but I really like him and hope one day to be more. I am sociable n flirtatious but I would stop all of that for him. He dies go into a hibernation almost n won't return my calls or texts n that bothers me more than anything. I hate it when he won't talk to me but idk how to deal with that. I'm trying to see if it's. Worth working torwards or if I should just leave him alone. I don't Wang my heart broken again. I just don't understand him.

  7. omg reading all the comments it sounds like me and my Taurus... im believing that I love him, I cant get enough of him have to have him around me at almost all times. but he is so damn stubborn sometimes I don't understand him what I wanna talk about he doesn't but whn I ask him he acts like I should know. I trust him but thn I don't but then I do UGHHHH whyyyyy!! im not an emotional mess I just think if he doesn't wanna be with me then he should say but I know he does lol what to do what to do lol

  8. I'm a libra woman and i am in love with a taurus male. He knows it and feels the same way but where not together. We've known each other for years but fell out of touch. He found me on facebook 2 years ago and ever since then i can't stop thinking, dreaming, or just wondering about him. he has a girlfriend and i too have a boyfriend but we feel trapped into our relationship. I tried moving on trying to find happiness but no matter what i dream of him and then i'll find out that he is looking for me or calling or i'll run into him and it just breaks my heart. I know he is my soul mate i can feel in my heart. But do i just wait for the opportunity to come or should i just let go and meet him in a different lifetime? My life is a hallmark movie lol

  9. Omg! This post is so relatable! I am head over heals in it with a taraus but it seems to me like it's no big deal to him & it's so funny because I'm from a small town & everyday hear Sam when are you going to give me your number... I have no shortage of options but I just can't leave this taraus alone I feel like I love him... How the hell do you pick the one person who is the most disinterested in you to love? Ugh it's stupid but I just can't help myself

  10. Im a libra woman and in luv with a taurus man I have known him for 11 years in the beginning he was difficult to understand but as the years went by we never put a label on our relationship he is in the military I moved to get over him and he found me now he has stated he appreciates me more never thought it would come him hinting around towards marriage I met him when I was married but I have divorced for almost 10 years never in a million years I never thought it would come down to this he is pressing for me to.get my passport cause next year he is moving to italy I dont know what he has up his sleeve but he told me life is full of surprises I know he is serious cause he asked me what did I think about it and he has brought the talk of marriage up twice already. Taurus are slow movers and patience is the key librad are the perfect match for this sign like the yin to his yang we complete and can tame the bull cause in the end we reap the rewards


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