Friday, July 22, 2011

Taurus Gemini Cusps

Taurus Gemini cusp combinations (also known as the Cusp of Energy) correspond symbolically to the period of human life at around the age of fourteen. The firm-set Taurus nature here (which is controlled by the Planet Venus) acts as a counter-balance to the activity of Mercury (the Planet which rules Gemini) with its quick and mercurial ways.

              Personality of Taurus Gemini Cusps Individuals

-- Possess the earthy physical traits inherent in Taurus --
-- Possess the airy activities of thought, communication, nervous excitement and energetic movement inherent in Gemini --
-- Energetic, convincing and prolific --
-- Tendency toward over-indulgence in things that they like --
-- Prone to wear themselves out --
-- Find it difficult to set limits on themselves --
-- Thrive on verbal interchange...and are talented in that area --
-- Prone to "come on too strong" --
-- Reluctant to confront fears and insecurities --
-- Versatile --

Because of the Gemini character, the desire to try new things is in the ascendant, but there is an inherent reluctance to relinquish the old...a carry-over from Taurus. This factor’s greatly in stability. However, an excess of this trait can hamper the Gemini nature and may result in an attempt to do two things at once...usually to the detriment of both. It can also make these cuspians stubborn about lesser things, even when they know little about them.

Self-control is strongly needed in this blend and, once acquired, will enable these individuals to correct yet another aspect often lacking in this particular cusp combination...that being concentration, which is essential to this highly adaptable but somewhat contradictory Zodiac type.

                   Characteristics of Taurus Gemini Cups individuals

Taurus/Gemini natives are exceedingly proud souls who would undoubtedly prefer starvation to dependence. If they do happen to find themselves in humble circumstances, then they will certainly be very miserable but, displaying entirely too much pride than is good for them, begging for help of any kind will be totally out of the question.

These are glorious givers but reluctant receivers...a trait which can result in a character who is overly-free with money and a tendency to be wasteful. Thus, it is important that these cuspians develop a purposeful aspect to their nature. Nevertheless, these subjects can succeed at almost anything if they are willing to try.

They are always active and energetic with refined manners and pleasing habits. They possess a keen interest in the world around them and the inherent charm cannot fail to draw innumerable friends and sweethearts.

The brilliance of these cuspians is not normally sufficient to guarantee success in a given field unless such is supported by a string of undeniable accomplishments. Unfortunately, the characteristic associated with this cusp rarely manifests an endurance which is equal to personal desires and impulses.

While slower and more purposeful people simply "hang in there," Taurus/Gemini individuals often find themselves being passed in life's race...rather like the hare was overtaken by the self-possessed and deliberate tortoise.

Taurus/Gemini cuspians will probably easily perceive themselves as more of a force than a person. No experts in self-awareness, from an early age they tend to forge a role for themselves in life which is active rather than passive...dynamic rather than static. As children, they are interested in everything around them, apt to fly every which way in their search for stimulation.

With regard to relationships, since the rulers of this cusp combination are Venus and Mercury, any love affair must be both physical and mental in origin. The practical applications of artistic ability and authorship are profound on this cusp and domestic life is best if financially secure and mentally stimulated.

The most important lesson to be learned by Taurus/Gemini natives is that they should always be careful not to wear themselves out and realize that there are limits to what an individual can achieve in a short period of time. Additionally, it is important for them learn not to come on too strong and they also need to recognize the value of confronting personal fears and insecurities.

As with all cusp individuals, these cuspians tend to be attracted to others born on the cusp...particularly those who fall within the Aries/Taurus and Sagittarius/Capricorn combinations.


  1. Haha I am taurus-gemini cusp and I love it :D

  2. I am a Taurus Gemini and I am so influential and seemingly powerful I can dominate other men without the need to puff up or become physical..I bounce back and forth between shy and outgoing alot though which drives me crazy but I just have to work on it. We aren't stuck in our sign folks it's about progress and change no matter the sign.
    As a Taurus Gemini I am extremely gifted in music and speech, not athletic with quick bursts of power and speed I learn to adapt and become more Technical to my approach so I can at least keep pace with more athletic types..
    I am over the top sensitive. Vibrations and reading people my strong suit.

  3. IM 20 MAY N i m proud of it..... there is no such sign in zodiac other than Tau-gem cuspians its not the I am one n saying it on my behalf.. but the research I took n from experiences of my life.. We are the best If people try to understand Us.. Thing is We are Unique. and hard to be understood :>

    1. People that dont know me never understand me.

  4. I'm a taurus gemni woman.may 19 is my birthdate.which sign will i be great with.plrase dont say aries..i hate them.

    1. I'm a full-blown Aries man.

      Don't worry.
      It's your Taurus side that feels repulsed by us Aries.
      In other words, I agree with you.
      Avoid us like the plague and do NOT flirt with us even a little, or else my fellow Aries will be interested in pursuing you.
      In fact, the best way to disinterest an Aries is to COMPLETELY ignore us.
      (so don't be mean to us AND do not be friendly to us...not even a little, or else we'll feel that you're simply playing "hard to get": lol/groan)

    2. I am a taurus gemini and i am in a relationship with an aries. and its horrible!!! He is jealous, childlike and very insecure. but on the flip there is no flip side!!! i wanna move on so bad but my retardness wont let me YET!

  5. I'm a Taurus Gemini and I'm very talkative and very athletic. I have a mad crush on an Aries. I'm stubborn and at the same time I refuse to depend on anything (sad because I'm still a teenager). But does a zodiac sign ever affect ones sexuality?

  6. OMG. To the person above me... I was with an Aries before. I'm a Taurus Gemini cusp and my advice for you is to RUUUN! We don't get along with them ratchet rams! You're just asking for arguments and headaches. I'm hoping you haven't fell for the Aries.. they're all assholes. Don't believe shit they say and do. They do stupid shit for an audience.. and are very arrogant,loud and rude people! They fight over every and anything! RUN LITTLE TAURUS GEM RUNNNNNNNNNN! RAMS ARE RATCHET! RUNNN!

  7. But without my chart. I don't know much.

  8. A taurus-gemini cusp dating a Gemini! *Sigh* things are good. There's a side of me that craves stability (Taurus ) then there's a side that doesn't want to be bothered (gemini) he is the same way loving talkative, then nothing! We both say the other acts different... Its definitely the 2 personalities. I can't find anything that talks about our compatibility, HELP

  9. How is it if 2 taurus-gemini cusp came to a relationship?

    1. my gf and I have the same birthdate -26th may...tell me something more

  10. The point is that
    I am a Taurus Gemini cusp (Born on the 21st of May)
    and have doubts that a Taurus Gemini man (born 22nd of May) is interested in me
    the question is are we compatible?!
    and what are the signs I should expect from him to know if he is seriously interested

  11. I'm a leo august 14th with scorpio rising dating a gemini on the cusp of taurus may 26 and his rising sign is aries and we are doing quite well!! We both are outgoing, always on the go, talkative!, extroverts, musically inclined, stylish, love shopping, adventurous, outdoorsy, family oriented, loving and affectionate, romantic, childlike, silly, stubborn, proud, aggressive....on the other hand he is much more sensitive then me, he gets sooo hurt over things that i easily brush off my shoulder. He is such a tough guy but a big softy deep down! He stays upset and hurt for hours where i bounce back in 10 minutes and im fine again and happy. He is a bit of a hipocrit and manipulative at times which annoys me. I swear if i get mad at him about something he always finds a way to flip it back on me and make me the bad guy ugh! Also i am more sexual than him and freakier, though he keeps up pretty well and stays pretty open minded ;) But it makes me laugh because he is always so romantic and sappy even in bed where i would rather be wild in bed. He would rather make love. :P But he is VERY sexy, his demeanor, even though he is goofy and childlike he is still very very sexually appealing to me ALL THE TIME! haha :) His gemini split personalities are both amazing and compliment each other though he is definitely two different people, pretty crazy. He is sensitive, sappy, lovey dovey, childlike and giggly and then on the other side he is intense and gets very angry when he does and is a total tough guy,hard worker, aggressive, fighter, raw sex appeal haha. He came on very strong when we met, would have terrified most women but i am also quite aggressive so i loved it and actually thrive on his blunt aggressive nature. He is not afraid of showing and saying how he feels. He wants and HAS let the world know that he is madly in love with me, very sweet and flattering. We leos love flattery ;) Anyways, please give me any feedback about any other info about these guys or about gem's and leos?? :)

    1. Hi, there! I am also a Leo gal (Aug. 18) and am curious about a taurus/gemini cusp (May 21) guy that I work with. Lately he's been paying a lot more attention to me than before--following me around sometimes (reminds me of a lost puppy dog, haha), pointing out silly things like, "Hey look--we're both wearing white t-shirts today!" He's also been finding ways to compliment me in kinda silly and goofy ways, but I think it's adorable. (Before all of this started he even invited me to a party, which I would have taken him up on, though I'm not really into being around large, loud groups of people. I suspect maybe he's trying to up his game now, haha.)

      Yeah. So at first I wasn't sure if he was just being friendly, as I know people with strong Gemini influences tend to be, like my mother, but I get the feeling he is somewhat interested in me. (Says he finds me "intriguing.") We do have some verbal and mental chemistry, I think. Lots of playful banter between us. Though, I find it's also true what you say about them being a little sensitive at times. I've seen this in him.

      It's still great. :)

      I'm hoping, when I see him again tomorrow at work, if I can find out if he likes bowling or mini golf or some casual activity like that because that's something I'd find fun and I'd really like to get to know him more. He seems really chill and fun and I do find him physically attractive. (He plays guitar, as well, and I've always been attracted to musicians, as I'm one myself.) I'm also glad he does have some Taurus elements to him because even though I do have a great friendship with another Gemini in my life (my mom), she drives me absolutely NUTS with her inconsistencies. Hopefully, being on the cusp, the Taurus-Gemini I'm interested in will be somewhat more steady and reliable? (So far, through past relationships, I'm finding I really do need someone with some pretty strong earth aspects in their personality or else I feel too unstable in the relationship.)

      Anyway, I guess we'll see how it goes. :) Wish me luck!

  12. I'm a Taurus/Gemini cusp, born May 21 and I am dating a Leo. Everything is great, I just wish he was more romantic and verbal. I feel like I'm more of a Taurus at heart, though. He is sweet and caring, but I'm really possessive and I get jealous. I wish I didn't have to make sure to hurt is "ego" all the time, I just feel the need to criticize him from time to time so he can learn from his mistakes. Am I making this relationship too hard on him? I'm kinda worried.

  13. I am a Taurus/Gemini cusp(May 19) married to a Aries /Taurus cusp(april 19) born same year. I have dated mostly Aries men, and found them to be immature, self centered. This cusp combination is magnificent! I could not seem to stay away from the Aries male, though it never worked out..that is until I married the cusp man!.

  14. I am in love with a Taurus/gemini..and he acts so cold and distant, I see little flashes at times but for the most part when we argue he goes can i make him go crazy...I don't want to hurt him because I love him I just want him to feel how I do..

  15. I was born on May 18th 2000 and I love being a Taurmini

  16. my dob is may 20 and i'm a cusp i like a leo girl what are my chances??

  17. I am a taurus gem born May 21 and I have feelings for this Gemini man. He drives me crazy! I have never been jealous about a man. Ever. I never felt possessive in a relationship. I feel that way with him but I never show it. I feel like I am more of a taurus when I am with him and sometimes my Gemini comes out. With the others I felt like a Gemini. I know he likes me a lot but I know that sometimes I can't keep up with him mentally. He is a true Gemini! Has any other taurus gem had an experience dating a Gemini?

    1. I am a Taurus Gemini girl married to a Gemini man and he is a whirlwind!!!!!


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